Supply & Erection of Addressable & linear Detector System

In Addressable detection system we can find the particular position on which fire is happened and in linear detection system we find the complete loop at the place of particular position. We Provide Addressable & linear Detector system. An addressable fire alarm system works by having every detection and notification device connected to each other and to the addressable fire alarm control panel. An addressable system can pinpoint the exact location of smoke or fire, providing an increased level of safety and reliability. The linear heat detection cable usually runs along the length of a facility and can detect changes in the heat of an environment. Once a certain temperature is reached, the cable initiates the fire alarm at the control panel. Provides hazard coverage at every point on the cable for maximum protection.

We are dealing in following types of systems:

• Conventional fire detection system. (Upto 16 Zone)

• Addressable fire detection system. (Upto 10 Loop)

• Linear heat detection system (LHS cable/LHS Tubing system)

• Aspiration smoke detection system/ VESDA

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