Supply and installation of fire alarm Systems & Detection Systems

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Fire Alarm Systems are designed to protect your precious human life, protecting assets & allow business continuity. Measuring several factors, such as heat, smoke and gas levels. These systems give you timely & genuine warning for Safe Evacuation. Automatic Fire detection and alarm system is primarily a life safety system meant for detecting the fire at the early stages and alarm the occupants. The fire detection system are also used for automatic activation of fire extinguishing systems such as spray systems, water mist systems and gas suppression systems. Benefits of Fire Alarm Systems as follows:-

• Digital Planning (BIM)

• 24X7 Self & Real Time Monitoring

• Earliest & Reliable Detection

• Manage Centralized Building

• Expandable, Tailored & Holistic Fire Safety Concept

• Conventional Detection System)

• Addressable Detection System

• Linear Heat Detection System

• Beam Detector System

• VESDA System

Integrated Building Management System (IBMS)

Managing large buildings, complexes, and commercial premises, control, tracking, and management of various systems is imperative for smooth operations.

EX-Buzz’ Integrated Building Management System (IBMS) solutions enable seamless management of your facility’s mechanical and electrical equipment. Smart automation coupled with easy configuration and operation, keep your buildings safe and secure.

Key Integration Points Managed Using Ex-Buzz IBMS Solutions

• Lighting control

• Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning (HVAC)

• Security & Access Control

• Fire Alarm System


• Plumbing

• Lift, Elevators etc.

With IBMS You Are Assured of Benefits Including

• Assistance in planning operations

• Simplify operations

• Protection of assets

• Improving overall efficiency

• Enhanced safety

• Computerized maintenance scheduling

• Early detection of problems

• Energy saving algorithms that lead to cost effective operations

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