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We are Pleasure to introduce ourselves as a Authorized License Agency for the purpose of Installation of Fire Prevention And Life Safety Measure which includes installation of fire fighting System such as Hydrant, Sprinkler, Pumping etc. Installation fire detection system such as fire alarm system, smoke & heat detection system, linear heat detection system, etc. and passive fire protection such as supply and installation of fire mortar seal, cable coating and fire door.

We got the license from Directorate of Maharashtra Fire Services, Mumbai to act as a Licensed Agency for the purpose of Fire Prevention and Life safety Measures 1) MFS - LA/2021/RF-155 2) MFS - LA/2021/RD-139 3) LA/2020/RP-74 which for firefighting system installation such as Hydrant sprinkler Pumping etc. , Detection & fire suppression system & Passive protection such as cable protection , fire door etc.

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Exclusive Services

Fire Audit Consultancy Work

it includes guidance on fire safety design on new or existing buildings, refurbishment projects, and provision of fire strategies to satisfy Building Regulations.

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System Design & Drawing Of Various Type Of Fire Fighting System

The design of any fire-protection system is an exact science that takes into accounts a building's use,....

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Supply, Installation & Commissioning Of Fire Hydrant System

The main components of hydrant systems are as follows. Enough Quantity of Water Supply & Storage Facility.....

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Supply And Installation Of Fire Alarm System & Detection System

Fire Alarm Systems are designed to protect your precious human life, protecting assets & allow business continuity.....

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Supply & Installation Of Passive Fire Protection System

A fire door is a door with a fire-resistance rating (sometimes referred to as a fire protection rating for closures) used as part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire and smoke.....

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Design Supply Installation Of Fire Suppression System

Unfortunate circumstances of fire accidents can cause massive damage to your business and operation facilities. Fire suppression systems.......

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Supply & Installation Of All Types Industrial Pump

Portable Fire Pumps are an essential tool for professionally equipped fire and rescue services and departments, they are used to pump water from a water source for firefighting....

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Fabrication Of All Types Of Fire Tenders

Fire tenders is a unit of apparatus used by a fire protection service to transport men, extinguishing agents, and equipment to the scene of a fire.....

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Supply & Erecting Of Fire Extinguishers

We Supply various types of fire extinguishers such as ABC, CO2, DCP (Dry Chemical Powder), Foam type, etc. in different categories of weight.....

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Supply & Installation Of Fire Sprinkler, MVWS & HVWS Nozzle System

We provide Sprinkler System in required areas such as hospitals, malls, complex, offices etc. These sprinklers fitted at pipelines with closed nozzles. The nozzles open separately when heated....

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Supply & Erection of Addressable & linear Detector System

In Addressable detection system we can find the particular position on which fire is happened and in linear detection system we find the complete loop....

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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Without service and maintenance even the best firefighting equipment might fail to function when required. A service and maintenance contract gives you: Reduced risks of failure of equipment.......

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Handling of Nucleonic Material

Disposal of Old Radiation Sources. We Dispose Old/ disused Radioactive sources. We also assist user for disposal of Old sources of all Manufacturer...

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